Meta.Se does not qualify as a "Technology" site and should go in another category: the obvious correct answer of "Weird and Wonderful", or missing that any of "Culture/Recreation", "Business" or "Professional" is closer to where I'd expect to find this site.

Look where I found it here

enter image description here

But it's correctly placed in a special category in the footer.

enter image description here

Can we move it to a sensible category and/or at least make its categorization consistent across the footer and stackexchange.com?

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    Isn't the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites a technology? – Cody Gray Mar 9 at 9:03
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    @CodyGray no, it's a community, we discuss rules, how-to, etc. as well as the tool part. And in any case, it should be techology in both places. Please don't download unless you are OK with that. – Sklivvz Mar 9 at 9:04
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    Where else to put it? This site is for questions about the software that powers the Stack Exchange network. – Sonic the Anonymous WizHog Mar 9 at 9:10
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    @SonictheWizardWerehog is it, really? – Sklivvz Mar 9 at 9:12
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    My bet is it got that category from before the split and nobody cared or noticed until now. IIRC "uncategorized" is also an available option in the sites category list. That could be a temporary solution that doesn't need 6 to 8 to have a new tab introduced. – rene Mar 9 at 9:25
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    Not that you're wrong, but the divisions are rather arbitrary anyways: why are Amateur Radio and Mechanics under "Culture/Recreation" rather than Tech? Why is Arts and Crafts under "Life/Arts" but Woodworking under "Culture/Recreation"? Academia, Law, and Medical Sciences are under "Life/Arts", not "Professional". "Science" has Philosophy but not History or Politics... /shrugs – Josh Caswell Mar 9 at 18:39
  • @JoshCaswell I know, but at least, let's pick one and stick to it! At the moment it's in different categories in the footer and the stackexchange.com site... – Sklivvz Mar 9 at 19:45
  • I would expect MSE to be in the same category as Community Building.SE – gnat Mar 9 at 21:10
  • I know MSE is technically a "main" site, at least in functionality, but its purpose is as a meta site that applies to the entire network. Why should it even be listed with the main Q&A sites? – TheWanderer Mar 9 at 23:04
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    On another note, having MSE show up under the same category as a bunch of sites where you ask questions about technology may be one of the reasons MSE gets so many questions that aren't about SE. – TheWanderer Mar 9 at 23:05
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    I'd almost argue that its a siteabout a bit of technology - the platform that SE sites are built on. The "soft" aspects of a technology is still a technology. That said, with the de-emphasis as a place to track bugs... I also see your points. I'm solidly neutral on this – Journeyman Geek Mar 10 at 8:49
  • If only we had a system of tags. – philipxy Mar 14 at 23:21

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