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I encountered this situation a few times before, but I didn't care much. This is a bit annoying for mobile users, me alike.

Yesterday I added a comment to this answer using the Stack Exchange iOS mobile app, which was for my own question. After that, I was greeted with a blank page, which you can see below. Commenting was successful, and it's there. Why is this happening?

EDIT: I was made aware that this question already has an answer here, but it doesn't. The OP probably put their comment as an answer.

Blank page.

I am running version of the app.

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    The answer on my question, apparently, is that SE doesn’t care about the quality of its iOS app, as this has been ongoing for over sixteen months. The fact that there are no proper answers yet doesn’t mean that this isn’t an exact duplicate. – DonielF Mar 14 at 1:24

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