I just noticed that something weird happened today with code fences and Stack Snippets.


<h1>Hello World!<h1>

Hello World!

Seems like the boxes are bigger. What is the (unneeded?) space above, under and left the code?

I know this is , but is there a benefit it was designed like this? I (at least) found it confusing to follow in large script:

var a = "a";
var b = "b";
var c = "c";



This was changed to address a long-standing issue with Macs' weird-ass "auto-hiding-and-then-reappearing-on-top-of-your-code" scrollbar feature.

More details in Ted's answer here: Has the padding on code blocks been increased?

  • I see... Well, it maybe a little bit difficult to understand code inside them, at least personally, but I will try to skip it. – double-beep Mar 14 at 20:24

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