The following is from the FAQ item How do I read the history of my reputation? (current revision) in the part related to removed posts: "When a post gets deleted, the question's title will be shown in plain text unless you are able to view the deleted post (10K users or the question owner)."

If I understand it correctly, reputation changes related to deletions of posts are shown in the reputation history just with the title of the question as plain text rather than link - the exception should be 10k+ users and the author of the post.

When I tried this on a site where I have 10k+ reputation, I was indeed shown also the link to the deleted answer.

screenshot from the reputation tab

However, when I checked my post which was deleted on a site where I do not have privilege to see deleted questions, I only get regular text (no link) when viewing the reputation tab.

screenshot from the reputation tab

Is it supposed to work this way? (Since this contradicts the linked post, I have tagged this as . If this is the way it is supposed to work, the linked post probably should be updated to reflect this.)

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