On sites where the background is not white, you can see white spaces when looking at anything in side-by-side markdown mode, including suggested tag wiki edits, where it is very noticeable and awkward-looking:

white rectangles bug

It's also visible in the revision history of posts, where it's a border. In fact, it's border-X-color being white that's causing this.

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    The boxes blend perfectly into the background on the most sites. It just looks weird on the sites with pink backgrounds (ELU, RPG, etc) – Pikachu the Parenthesis Wizard Mar 27 at 4:04
  • @PikachuthePurpleWizard Nicely summarized. – Laurel Mar 27 at 4:15
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    I don't see anything weird. Even the FRC aren't helping. There are no white boxes there. Everything looks like a uniform color. Is that a sign my screen is not correctly adjusted? – Cody Gray Mar 27 at 5:00

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