MathJax formula blocks (i.e. $$these$$, not single-dollar-sign $inline$ mathjax) sometimes get wide, especially when they're arrays. Wide formulae don't play nicely with the responsive design though and instead overflow into the sidebar if the window is narrow enough.

a big mathjax table that's illegible because it's overlapping with the hot network questions list

Could MathJax formulae get a horizontal scrollbar?

If I add the following CSS we get this pretty scrollbar exclusively while the viewport is narrow enough like above:

.math-container {
  overflow-x: auto;
  display: block; /* or use a <div> instead of a span */

the same big mathjax table, but it's scrolled instead of overlapping the HNQ

Then we can also scroll to see the rest of the table, and it's legible because it's not overlapping with the sidebar!

scrolled over to see the rest of the table

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