I was out of the coding game for a while. Now I noticed, without considering the question time, that it's really rare for a question to get at least 1/4 of the views that a question asked a couple of years ago would get.

What's been changed since then?

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Three possible causes:

  • Old questions have been gaining views for a far longer period of time than newer questions.
    For a fair comparison, you need to compare the number of views questions get in their first week (or month).
  • The technology where your questions pertain to has decreased in popularity; if there are fewer fellow developers in technology X, they will be less likely to find your question and increase the # of views.
  • The total number of questions rises more rapidly than the total number of views. There are certainly more questions than 4 years ago; whether the total number of views has seen the same growth, we can probably derive from the analytics tools or SEDE.
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    Right. I have several Visual Basic posts that get almost no attention nowadays because - who uses VB anymore? I'm not deleting them - they are there for those brave souls who yearn for the elder days tech of our ancestors and quest for ye olde solutions of yore. – Robert Columbia Mar 29 at 15:57
  • good for you, you are loved, Im hated :)) – Cameron A Apr 1 at 1:29

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