These pictures say everything. Somebody stole the review button in the small design (mobile).

No review button :(

And to prove that I see the buttons on large screens:

A review button :D

Also, this was a recent change (last few days) because previously the review icon was shown in favor of the help menu. Removing the help icon happens for high-reputation (10k?) users on large screens too, so this is probably a bug.

How shall I continue reviewing on my mobile phone, when I can't see the button??

  • A lot of stuff is hidden on mobile. I wasn't able to approve an edit earlier because I couldn't find the button, or even see half of the popup. I had to open the question in the app and do a manual edit. Also if you attempt to close a question as a duplicate, after entering the dupe link, the dupe target preview and button don't load unless you rotate your phone into landscape. This is on a Note 8 too, so it's not a small screen. Mar 30 '19 at 15:27

Looks like some browsers didn't like our quotes syntax. This will get fixed in the next build, which might not be a minute since it's the weekend. Thanks for reporting this!

  • 5
    TIL: builds have weekends too ..
    – rene
    Mar 30 '19 at 16:14

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