I read some posts about this question, and still it doesn't make sense that my edit suggestion was rejected.

Posts that I read:

Here is my suggested edit:

Suggested edit

My goal with this edit was, to give the post a better look. Make it simpler for users to recognize code functions, properties... That's even exactly what an edit should be (according to the answers to the questions mentioned above).

I am really intersted to know why this edit was rejected, because if I did a mistake with this suggestion, I want to avoid this mistakes in the near future.

Many thanks!

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Your suggestion was rejected automatically. Read the message for the reason of rejection:

This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit.

A user with full edit privileges made an edit while your suggestion was still pending. In these cases, the non-reviewed edit overrides the suggestion, thus making Community reject it as "conflicted with a subsequent edit".


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