I have high rep in Space Exploration SE, so the user:12102 deleted:1 is:question returns exactly what I've asked for, a list of my own deleted questions.

But when I repeat the same kind of search with my user ID in sites where I have less than 2k rep, I get a long list of undeleted questions, not what I asked for.

To me, this is unexpected behavior. I'd expect a message of the type "you can't do that" with the same format as the "Note: only content you own is returned when searching for deleted content" message that appears when the search is successful.

enter image description here

Question: Is this unexpected behavior? Does it rise to the level of a ?

Example of Expected behavior on site where I have high rep:

example of expected behavior

Example of Unexpected behavior? on site where I have lower rep (plenty of undeleted question with no message indicating that this is not what was requested):

example of unexpected behavior

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    I have a theory. If you can't use the search function, we ignore it. But that's a guess that explains the behavior, not necessarily the answer. – Catija Apr 4 at 0:50

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