The title of a user's flag history page is "Flagged Posts for $(name)", and its h1 heading reads "Flags for $(name)". enter image description here enter image description here

Problem with the title

The page lists comment flags too, so the original title "Flagged Posts for $(name)" is technically incorrect. (From @Laurel's comment.)

Problem with the heading

I think at first sight the heading may be understood by first-time visitors to the page as "Flags against $(name)", that is, the list of flags other users raised against the user's questions/answers. When they go through the list, they'll know that's obviously not what the page is for.


Why not say "Flags by $(name)" as both the title and the h1 heading? It seems a minor problem, but wouldn't it be clearer for users visiting the page for the first time?

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    The page also contains comment flags, so "Posts Flagged" is technically incorrect. Either way, "These are the flags that you have raised" makes it clear what follows. – Laurel Apr 6 at 16:36
  • @Laurel, Good point! I'm adding that to this question. Didn't know that because I never raised a comment flag myself... – Taegyung Apr 6 at 16:39
  • Where does it say 'Flagged posts for"? Your screenshot and the page when I look at it just says "Flags for". – Catija Apr 6 at 19:23
  • @Catija, I meant what the <title> tag says. Added another screenshot for that. – Taegyung – Taegyung Apr 7 at 0:21

There are actually two pages that have the header "Flags for $name" and that actually makes this even more confusing if you're a moderator - because the other page can only be viewed by the moderators on the site.

  1. A user's flag history - the flags they have raised and their status. /users/flag-summary/[userID]
  2. A user's flagged posts - the post flags raised against them and their status. (There's a separate page for comment flags) /users/flagged-posts/[userID]

So, you can imagine, this can be quite confusing. It could definitely be made more clear.

I think that for a user's flag history, we could use the headline "Flags raised by $username" and for the flag history of their posts we could use "Flags raised on posts by $username".

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    "Flags by $username" and "Flags on $username" would be shorter but equally clear. – Cody Gray Apr 7 at 9:42
  • Except that's not correct. The page doesn't include all flags, only post flags. :) – Catija 2 days ago

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