I flagged this now-deleted Cross Validated question as Very Low Quality. When I looked at it an hour later, I noticed that the VLQ flagging option was gone (presumably because it was in a review queue at that moment), but I could add another flag (as off-topic, though it would probably work with spam flags as well, and this particular question might qualify as such since it's essentially a job offer).

This resulted in a rather strange situation where I had two pending flags on the question:

enter image description here

I'm marking this as a since under normal circumstances, the system prevents adding a flag while another one is still pending, whether this is via the site itself or the API.

  • Is this a dupe?, does this answer your question: meta.stackexchange.com/a/258187/282094 - When you VLQ and someone agrees it enters the close queue, you can't VLQ again but you can put another flag on it. – Rob Apr 8 at 13:22
  • 1
    It's highly related (and I read it while doing research) - this is probably just another symptom of the same root cause. But this bug might be easier to solve, I don't know ... – Glorfindel Apr 8 at 13:29

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