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In one of my earlier posts, an user initiated a private discussion for understanding my concern better. (There is a chat window on the 5th comment)

Which badge is required for that?

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To answer the question in the title: yes, there is a chat feature, which you can reach via the 'hamburger menu' in the top bar:

enter image description here

What you're talking about is (semi-)automatic conversion of comments to a chatroom. There is no badge or reputation level required for this; the option will appear automatically once a certain number of comments have been posted and one of the users wants to post another comment.

If you and another user post at least four pairs of back-and-forth comments to each other, the system will prompt you to avoid extended discussion in comments and will give you an option to continue the discussion in chat.

It is not possible to do this 'at will', except for ♦ moderators.

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