My boat has a GPS and a tiller pilot, which seem to work fine separately, but don't seem to want to talk to one-another.

Which stack would be most suitable to ask about such nautical-electrical issues?


From your description, Outdoors Stack Exchange will be your best bet, but remember we do have an Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange if you have a question that needs an answer at the voltage and current flow end of things :-)


I recently asked a question about cabin power supplies on cruise ships and got a good answer. This was the Engineering.SE site, with tags: electrical-engineering, power-electronics, and marine-engineering.

  • Hm, my question got closed as off topic in Electrical. Trying in Outdoors. – KlaymenDK Apr 18 at 9:27
  • "closed as off topic in Electrical" -- Note that I suggested "Engineering", not "Electrical". – Ray Butterworth Apr 18 at 21:25
  • Ah. headdesk silly me. – KlaymenDK Apr 19 at 15:55

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