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What are the restriction given by a low reputation?

Do the modalities of giving answers or interact with other Stack Exchange users would change ?

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    No, reputation is capped at 1 for the lower bound. – Magisch Apr 17 at 6:22
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    See the privileges page for what rep gives you. – Robert Longson Apr 17 at 6:42
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  • @gnat no, the faq doesn't say anything about restrictions. – ShaWiz Apr 17 at 7:34
  • this is a problem of the faq @ShadowWizard - references to canonicals about restrictions should be edited in it somehow – gnat Apr 17 at 7:36

What are the restriction given by a low reputation?

No direct restrictions are placed due to the low reputation, but it goes the other way around: you start with minimal set of things you can do (e.g. Ask, Answer, etc) and you gain privileges as you get reputation points.

This is explained in detail in the faqs here on Meta: How does "Reputation" work?, Reputation requirements compared and more.

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