I have the SE app on iOS. When I signed out and looked on my profile, I saw that the communities that I have hidden (Stack Overflow and Tor) are shown. Why does this occur, and will it be fixed? The app version is 1.6.6.


Picture 1 Hidden communities not hidden on iOS app

Picture 2 Hidden communities are hidden in browser

Picture 3 Hidden communities on profile (signed in)

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    The apps use the API and according to here: "The API and Area 51 are more convenient methods for finding a user's hidden profiles than scraping every profile with more than 100 reputation." Therefore I think this is technically the expected behavior. It isn't the best behavior, though. – Laurel Apr 25 at 2:18
  • there are far more holes in that feature than this one, hiding communities is pretty much broken by design, it doesn't actually hide much. – Mad Scientist Apr 25 at 14:37

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