When a user applies for a job and links his/her Stack Overflow profile and in case he is suspended, it just shows 1 reputation which really makes a bad first impression and could be a hindrance in his/her growth.

Reputation is not mere points; they show user participation and knowledge sharing by writing either questions or answers. It is due to my Stack Overflow profile that I got a job in my first interview.

Apart from suspension due to voting irregularity, why not show reputation and show the suspension message to the user only?


If my account would be suspended, I would be smarter than link to it in my application. On the other hand, if somebody submitted an application for a position at the company I work for, I consider it a gift that I can see if that person is suspended or not; it's something I'd definitely like to discuss during a job interview.

Stack Exchange isn't that different from a real life job; not only your knowledge matters, but also the way you apply and teach it, and if you play by the rules or not.

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