Pretty self-explanatory. Basically all links on stack exchange use #07C as the default colour, and #005999 for the :visited, :active, and :hover states (or whatever the colours happen to be for a given SE site's styling). However, the new styling for the "Featured on Meta" widget seems to be missing the style for :visited. Please put it back. My brain is programmed to ignore #005999 and I thought there was new stuff for a minute when the new styling showed up.

FWIW, the :hover and :active state styles are still working. It seems like this selector on line 2052 of primary.css:

.s-anchors.s-anchors__default a:not(.s-link):hover,.s-anchors .s-anchors.s-anchors__default a:not(.s-link):hover,.s-anchors.s-anchors__default a:not(.s-link):active,.s-anchors .s-anchors.s-anchors__default a:not(.s-link):active {
    color: #005999

needs a:not(.s-link):visited,.s-anchors or something?

featured on meta

In case it happens to be relevant, I'm using Chrome 74.0.3729.108 64-bit on CentOS 7.6.1810

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Turned out that our design framework wasn't applying :visited and :hover styles correctly. This is now fixed in production. Thanks for the report!


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