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How many words can a tag contain?

Is there a maximum limit on the length of tags? I noticed that the tag for SQL Server Management Studio is truncated to sql-server-management-stu.

It seems like this should be an easy thing to correct, if not to allow the creation of new longer tags, but to correct existing tags that have been truncated.

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    How often are you going to want tags longer than 25 characters? – random Dec 12 '09 at 0:32
  • This seems to be a question turning into a feature request that is marked as duplicate of a question. This question is then in turn marked as a duplicate of a full feature request. Leading to no feaure request thats actually open. I've tried to sort this out by editing this into a question and voting to reopen the full feature request – Richard Tingle Jan 30 '14 at 12:56

It would be logical to conclude that the maximum tag length is 25, which seems quite reasonable. In the example you gave, that could be renamed sql-server-mgmt-studio.

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