Which is the best site to ask a question about the batteries used in electric cars including environmental stuff?

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    What kind of question? Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair has a [battery] tag but having never been there I can't guarantee all battery-related questions are on-topic. – Jenayah May 1 at 10:17
  • I have a feeling that Chemistry may suit but am highly unsure – iBug May 1 at 10:18
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    @Jenayah it's basically a question about the environmental effects of the batteries at all stages of their life cycle – SpacePhoenix May 1 at 10:25

If the main concern is the environmental effects of the batteries, I think Sustainable Living is your best bet.

It got batteries tag, and some questions about electric cars as well.


If you are willing to wait for an answer and support a new site try Area 51's Electric Vehicles proposal. If it's a great question you can earn a few points on a site where rep is fairly rare.

If you need an answer quickly then Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair has a tag for electric vehicles. There is also Engineering.SE for technical questions about electric vehicle batteries. For even more technical answers try Physics.SE which has tags for renewable-energy and batteries.

  • Would the Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair site be the best place the for the practicalities aspect of the technology? – SpacePhoenix May 1 at 16:18
  • Probably, but a more technical answer would be forthcoming from our engineering site. – Rob May 1 at 16:20

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