I am having some questions based on morality, such as which is right or wrong, etc. I checked the list of available Stack Exchange sites and could find any.


Explain a real-life experience and ask like below...

Why do people cheat?

What is the motivation behind lying/bullying?

Are these kind of questions valid somewhere on Stack Exchange?


Psychology & Neuroscience can be a good place to post such questions. The site is described as:

a question and answer site for researchers, academics, students, and enthusiasts needing expert answers to advanced questions in the "cognitive sciences": i.e. cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience, and psychiatry.

More specifically, you can ask those under the tag moral-psychology, described as:

For questions about the neural and psychological processes underlying moral reasoning, moral development, and the psychology of morality in general. Questions about whether something IS moral is a philosophical question, and will often not be suited to this site.

However, a question like Explain a real-life experience and ask like below... is not likely to be on topic in any site, since it is clearly too broad and outside the Q&A format that Stack Exchange uses.

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  • Formal and semi-formal questions about morality and ethics can be posted on Philosophy.SE. Questions about utilitarianism, rule-based ethics, and virtue ethics are acceptable, as are questions about how various philosophers have approached certain ethical issues.

  • Practical questions regarding getting along with others can be asked on Interpersonal Skills.SE. This can include questions about how to interact with people who have a different ethical system than you, how to evaluate someone's ethical system, and what types of behaviors are commonly considered ethical or unethical according to a specific culture.

  • Questions related to ethics as they specifically relate to the academic world (research, study, and teaching) can be asked on Academia.SE with the [ethics] tag. This can include things like how to handle honor code violations, when and how to report misconduct, and what is typically considered misconduct.

  • Questions related to workplace ethics can be asked on The Workplace.SE.

For all these sites, please view the help center (and especially it's on-topic guidance that I have linked to above) so that you can post an acceptable question. Many of your sample questions, as written, would be too broad on many or all of these sites.

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  • I hope Interpersonal SE and Workplace SE are giving answers which works in that context, not necessarily right or wrong. – NiceGuy May 9 '19 at 12:18

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