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In the past, the programming sites of Stack Exchange (e.g. Stack Overflow) used to accept fairly straightforward questions about HTML, CSS, JS and alike, scripting in powershell or BASH or simple problems in C#.

However, these days such questions appear to be downvoted and closed.

What happened to those communities an why aren't they accepting simple questions anymore?

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    Possible duplicate of Downvotes and close of beginner question (same question asked 6 years before) – gnat May 21 at 7:11
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    Similar discussion on Meta Stack Overflow: Why is Stack Overflow so negative of late? – Sonic the Bracketed Hedgehog May 21 at 7:48
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    You know how annoying Donkey is during the trip to Far, Far Away, continually asking the same question: "Are we there yet?", over, and over, and over again? That's how experienced SO users feel about the 'Computers 101' questions that are better answered by a textbook, tutorial site, Google, prof, TA, teacher; anything but yet another 'look it up for me' demand:( – Martin James May 21 at 9:04

If you conisder yourself as a less experienced programmer or coder, chances very likely are, your questions have been asked many times and you don't need to ask one more. All you need to do is to search on Google for your problem.

If you insist that your problem is unique, ask yourself if you've really done enough research. "I Googled it for 10 minutes" is not a good indication of having spent effort. If you think "I don't want to know why, just tell me how to make my code work", then your question would still not be accepted on Stack Overflow (or a sister site).

If you've really spent effort on your problem and still can't figure out why, include them in your question and go ahead and ask. It's likely that your question will be upvoted and answered. That says, not all "simple problems" are rejected, provided they're in-line with existing requirements for being asked as a question.

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