I have a quite specific question regarding the sampling rate of a hs-anolog modul in combination with the cycle-time of my program (TIA-portal V15) running on a Siemens Simatic CPU 1510SP-1 PN for ET 200SP.

On which site of the SE-universe, if at all, could I ask such a question? Does anyone have experience with asking questions about SIMATIC PLC's?

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    You can use the [siemens][plc] tags on StackOverflow, but the odds for a trustworthy answer in a reasonable time for such a module-specific question are quite low. Siemens provides good technical support for their customers, like this or this. – Uphill Luge May 22 '19 at 11:45
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    This very likely belongs on Electrical Engineering. – The forest of Reinstate Monica May 22 '19 at 19:33
  • @forest & Uphill I tried searching for [siemens], [plc] as suggested and the results on either SO (24 questions, some of them quite basic) or EE (4 questions) weren't really promising as already implied by Uphill. Basically EE would be a better fit since the question is more hardware related than about programming in AWL or FUP. I found the siemens support forum but imo it would be nice if such a topic would receive more coverage/be more popular in the SE-universe ;) – iLuvLogix May 23 '19 at 7:44
  • @UphillLuge If you or forest want to compile the gathered infos in the comments I'd be gladly accepting the summary as an answer (answering my own questions seems a bit.., well odd in such a case) – iLuvLogix May 23 '19 at 7:55

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