Today, a bounty was awarded to one of my answers (thanks @gnat); when I visited my reputation tab I noticed that the amount is hardly readable since it's green text on a blue background:

enter image description here

Can that be changed (back?*) to white text please?

*: I'm sure somebody would've noticed it unless it was a very recent change...

(Tested on macOS Mojave, latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.)


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This issue has been fixed. Thanks for your patience.


It was a bug in the CSS after all, due to the inspection. It felt like, as a website enthusiast, that the CSS that references the text in the positive rep which is green is overriding the text inside the special case for bounties which is white to avoid what happened today.

After I inspected, turns out it is the case, and the problem is now figured out. The text for normal positive rep is overriding the text for the special bounty award.

I also saw it on StackOverflow. I was going to post the bug on Meta SO but then I decided to inspect it to see what's going on.

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