I don't know if my internet is slow, but it seems to be perfectly timed that right when I am about to click the upvote for a question, the top banner ad loads into view right where the upvote button used to be, so that I end up clicking the ad instead. This has happened to me multiple times across the Stack Exchange network.

I plan to click here:

enter image description here

But the ad jumps in so I click here:

enter image description here


  • Maybe this is punishing me for my voting style. I upvote if I have the same question as the title.
  • Maybe this is a trick to get more ad clicks. (Not really. I hope.)
  • This Q&A seemed to indicate that a fix had been implemented, but I'm not experiencing that. I guess my feature request is to have a placeholder size for the ad while it is loading. (Or better yet, remove the banner ad.)


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