A few days ago, I changed the e-mail address associated with my Stack Exchange account by adding the new e-mail address, then deleting the old one and deleting the old address from the mail service. This worked fine.

However, I noticed that I stopped receiving e-mail notifications for inbox messages, including chat pings, comments and comment pings.

Looking through my profile, I see that while My Logins lists only the new e-mail address used for login purposes, Edit Email Settings still shows the old address.

This might perhaps be intended behavior, but I find it rather surprising. The principle of least surprise would seem to me to suggest that at least, when deleting a login with the e-mail address associated with notifications, the user should be told that they also need to update the e-mail address under Edit Email Settings as presumably they intend to change the address associated with their account.

Can/should something be done about this?

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