I've posted a question about the use of the GNU Multiprecision Arithmetic Library (gmplib) on another Stack Exchange site (Computational Science) but I'm not at all sure that it is the correct place. Where should one post a question like the one I asked? And what tags might be appropriate?


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It seems like you're in the right place:

Computational Science is a question and answer site for questions and answers about computational methods used in technical disciplines.

When in doubt if a certain site is the correct place, there's a few things you can do:

  • Check the article "What topics can I ask about here?" in their Help Center. In this case, it's quite extensive.
  • Search if there are existing questions using the same technologies as you do. In this case, I must admit the results are rather pessimistic...
  • Check their own Meta for questions tagged [scope] or (in this case) [site-scope] for more details about what is in scope or not.

and generally you should do it before actually posting the question :)

At Meta Stack Exchange, we don't decide whether a question is on-topic for a certain Stack Exchange site or not; we can merely give some pointers about which site we think is the best fit for your question. (Or none, if it doesn't fit at all in the network.)

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