Earlier this year, we started work on a design refresh for the moderator flag dashboard, and ran a limited alpha on a few sites. Today, we're opening it up to the rest of the network, with the goal of fully launching by the end of June. (Yes, that is an actual date.)

Brief introduction for curious non-mods

As the name suggests, the moderator flag dashboard is a tool for moderators to review and act on post and comment flags. Each post is peppered with contextual information (e.g. is this a new user? have other mods looked at this?) and provides actions relevant to the post and flag types.

What's changing?

The most obvious change is that it no longer looks like it was designed ad-hoc by a handful of developers over a number of years based on the specific needs of the time.


Screenshot of the existing dashboard


Screenshot of the new dashboard

Beyond appearances, there have been some thoughtful reworks:

  • More / clearer context for flags (e.g., edited-after-flag indicator, post owner indicator).
  • Consistent location and ordering for actions on posts, flags, and comments (making muscle memory matter!)
  • Comment editing, move comments to chat works the same in the dashboard and on the question page.
  • The flag "waffle bar" stays better in sync with changes happening the page and vice versa. Same with actions taken inside embedded posts.
  • Responsive design for phones and tablets.
  • Previously undiscoverable UI components are now actual buttons.
  • "No further action" has been brought inline with the page.
  • Smaller quality-of-life improvements along the way.

Importantly, the code has also been cleaned up, modernized, and is now better understood by the team. This increases the potential for the tool going forward.

Ok, I'm a moderator - how do I enable it?

It's an alpha feature - so you can enable it from your profile settings (/users/preferences/current), just find the section labeled "Admin Dashboard Refresh" and check the "opt me in" box, then go to /admin or any flagged question page and enjoy! Opting in/out is done on a network level, so if you moderate multiple sites you only have to check the box once.

If you run into a show-stopping bug, you can disable it by unchecking the same checkbox - the preference is cached though, so it'll take a few minutes to take effect after you disable it.

I've found a bug or have other feedback - where do I post that?

Here - just post an answer with details. If you post a screenshot, please remember to redact any sensitive data first!

Since we are officially out of alpha, all bugs and feature requests should be done in the form of questions tagged on MSE, not answers on this post. Feel free to post an answer here if you have specific concerns about the release process.

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    I'm not a mod but thank you; this looks like a huge improvement just from the screenshots alone. Hopefully this will reduce the number of "oops, I goofed" answers from mods on Meta due to lack of immediately available context or user-friendly UI. – TylerH May 29 at 22:05
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    end of June ... that is 6 to 8 weeks ... – rene May 29 at 22:39
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    @rene daycalc.appspot.com/06/28/2019 – Brian Nickel May 29 at 22:55
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    Next question - do I need to do this for each site I moderate? – Ro-Reinstate Monic-Alsop May 29 at 23:08
  • @RoryAlsop Alpha tests are set up on the account level, so it'll work across all your sites. – Brian Nickel May 29 at 23:10
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    Thank you - have just tested, and it's pretty good. One request - I'm still having to open up the post, as there is such a small window I'm only getting a couple of lines, so for a spam/not an answer flag there isn't enough to confirm. Can we get a bigger box? – Ro-Reinstate Monic-Alsop May 29 at 23:13
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    @RoryAlsop I'm not sure what you mean. Are you talking about the body summary (a few lines from the start of the post) or the > button next to the title? If I click the > I get the full post embedded in the dashboard and it should be full height. – Brian Nickel May 29 at 23:18
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    Okay, that doesn't happen for me. I'll try and figure out why and get back to you with more info – Ro-Reinstate Monic-Alsop May 29 at 23:44
  • @RoryAlsop This is what should be happening: i.stack.imgur.com/IE1g5.png – Brian Nickel May 30 at 0:21
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    I'm not able to reproduce the UI design change. – Arulkumar May 30 at 3:23
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    @Arulkumar You're not a moderator. You can't access the page that this post refers to. – Catija May 30 at 4:13
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    @Arulkumar nice try to get a diamond .. I tried something similar ... – rene May 30 at 7:26
  • feature request wrt flags on hot questions - would you prefer it to be duplicated as an answer here? – gnat May 30 at 19:04
  • I think this should be discussed privately in a team. – Pandya May 31 at 1:10
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    @Pandya Then it would only be accessible to mods who are (a) members of a programming site and (b) willing to ignore certain privacy issues. Several active mods fail one or both of these conditions. – Rand al'Thor May 31 at 14:35

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Posts with delete votes appear to have "undelete" votes after deletion

enter image description here

Before deletion, the red button reads "Delete post (1)", which indicates one user has voted to delete the post. The parenthesis indicating a user vote remains after deleting the post.

  • This was always the case. – Bhargav Rao May 31 at 21:38

The 'guidance' sidebar widget, i.e. this one:

enter image description here

disappears when your screen is small. The widget below it (x people chatting) moves to the bottom of the screen. I'm not sure if that is intentional?

  • This is fixed. On narrow displays, the TOC moves above the flags and the guidance and chat move below them. – Brian Nickel May 31 at 23:19

Sorry I don't have a screenshot for this, so take this bug report with a grain of salt and I'll try to reproduce it next time I handle a flag with this situation.

I was responding to a flag, hit the resolve all button, I was going to type in a reason but decided to delete the comments under the post so I wouldn't have to go back to the page. When I tried to delete the comments one-by-one nothing happened, after refreshing the page and trying to delete the comments I got a red box popping up telling me that I couldn't comment on the post (I can't remember the text of the error message, but it didn't seem appropriate for the action I was performing).

In the end, I just used the mod tools to purge all comments (the lengthy discussion had already been taken up in chat). but something definitely felt buggy about it.

Found on Christianity.SE, using firefox 67


When I am viewing a Q&A with a flagged comment somewhere on it, clicking on the comment’s timestamp will bring me to the comment. So far, so good.

However, when I scroll somewhere else on the page (e.g., to get some context) after that, and want to go to the flagged comment again, it doesn’t work. I have to reload the page.

  • I don't think this is something Stack Exchange can fix. The problem is the following: When you click the timestamp, the URL will change to end with something like #comment-42 (IIRC this is called hash). When the hash changes, the browser scrolls to the appropriate position. Now, when you click the link again, the URL and hash won't change and therefore the browser won't scroll. It would be possible to mitigate this with a little bit Java Script, but I don't think this is really a good (or necessary) improvement as it would require them to add a some Java Script to every single comment. – MEE - Reinstate Monica Jun 14 at 14:54
  • I ended up fixing your issue as described here: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/330181/… – Brian Nickel Jul 1 at 22:03

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