Normally we can create a horizontal line in questions or answers like this:


However, in Safari for iOS, I found no way to enter this sequence of characters, since two sequential dashes are converted to an "em dash" automatically.

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    It's not really our bug. It's a setting in iOS or on your device. You need to turn it off. Related question on Super User: superuser.com/q/555628/496411 this isn't about mobile Safari, though, so I'm not certain where the setting lives. – Catija Jun 1 '19 at 5:41

Well, they don't on my iPhone. Proof:

You can disable this automatic conversion via the Settings app → General → Keyboards and make sure the setting "Smart Punctuation" is switched off. It is smart, but not meant for programmers.

Alternatively, use HTML; <hr/> works as well:

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