Technically, a user does not even need to have an account on a site for one of their questions to be migrated there. There is a specific provision in Stack Exchange code to block migration of a question to a site on which the user has received an automated question ban.

If a user has received a manual site suspension from a moderator (the one which fixes the user's rep at 1 and blocks posting, commenting, editing, and chatting), can a question posted by them on another site be migrated to the site on which they are suspended?

I'm not asking whether this sort of migration is a good idea. Except in the most blatant cases of an extremely high quality, but off-topic question, it is probably not a best practice to migrate a question to a site where the question asker will not be able to further contribute. My question is whether such a migration is preemptively blocked by the system the same way it is for a question-banned user or whether such a migration is left to the judgment of moderators or closevoters.

For what it's worth, this question is inspired by a real case of a question I recently saw on a SE site that could arguably be considered a candidate for migration (off-topic on the site where asked, marginally on-topic elsewhere) and where the question-asker actually was suspended on that elsewhere site, but I am asking in the general sense, rather than asking for a judgment on whether that specific question should be migrated.

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    Answered by the FAQ: "A migration can be automatically blocked before it even gets migrated if any of the following conditions apply: The user is question-banned or suspended on the destination site" Jun 3, 2019 at 17:27


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