I just wrote a question about post notices on locked questions. When using the tag picker, I realized that we have three tags that are all really versions of the same tag:

The first of these is ambiguous. While most of the questions are about locks on posts, there are a few questions about vote locks, which has its own tag (). These errant questions should be retagged leaving only post-related tags.

The second has the most uses but it is also too specific. Many of the questions here aren't only about locked questions. Many of them are about both question and answer locks (for example: Allow moderators to fine-tune the effects of a lock).

The third has few questions and, like the questions version, they aren't necessarily specific only to answers.

So, my suggestion

  1. Review all of the existing questions to be certain they're tagged correctly (particularly in the group).
  2. Merge and synonymize all three into a new tag - . This will hopefully prevent it from being used for non-post-related questions.

If seems too ambiguous to synonymize, we could just merge that one without the synonym.

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    I agree with your proposal. The only possible difference between locked questions and answers is that historical locks (at questions) apply to answers too, AFAIK. But there is historical-lock for this usecase. So let's do it.
    – MEE
    Jun 5, 2019 at 7:42


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