We currently have the following 'hot' tags on Meta Stack Exchange:

  • Hot Network Questions in the right-hand sidebar, the “hot” tab on each site, and on stackexchange.com.

  • , which is synonymized to yet has a different excerpt:

    Questions about the Hot tab of the Top Questions page.

  • , a little known functionality for which I just added an excerpt:

    NOTE: hot answers are different from answers to Hot Network Questions; use the [hot-questions] tag instead. This tag is only for questions about the 'hot answers' feature on tag info pages.

The difference between the excerpts led me to make a wrong edit here: "Hot" tab contains not-so-hot questions which was fortunately caught by an observant user.

enter image description here

Since really the only thing that links the 'hot tab' and the 'Hot Network Questions' is the word 'hot', and the features are so different in terms of impact, controversy and purpose, I propose to:

I have already removed the tag from a few questions where it didn't apply.


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