There is a question for which I can see 4 close votes. I checked the Close Votes review queue, but strangely, it doesn't appear there. Why?

Some more info:

  • The post is a meta post on EE.SE. There isn't much activity there, so the Close Vote queue is actually empty (at least that's how I see it).
  • I did not cast a close/reopen vote myself on this question. I checked on my profile (votes>closure tab), and there is no activity shown for this question here.

The specific question is Where is Olin Lathrop?.


As you can see from the question's timeline; it has been in the Close Votes review queue, but the outcome was to leave it open. This does not (by design) invalidate/cancel the pending close votes; the question can still be closed outside the review queue.

enter image description here

Since you have 10k reputation, you're able to review reviews, so you could also find this review on the review history page.

  • Thanks. I didn't think it was working like that. And it seems strange because, although the outcome was "leave it open", it would only take one more user casting a close vote to still close it, and on the other hand, people that want to make sure it stays open can't act on it anymore. – dim Jun 12 at 8:18
  • That styling ... lights up nicely ... – rene Jun 12 at 8:30

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