While I would be proud to have a consecutive days counter of 1, as the screenshot shows it should at least be 3 for June alone. Why does it show as 1?


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This is not a bug.

The "consecutive days" counter is showing the last count of consecutive days, not the all time/week/month record.

So not visiting in the 12th of June caused the counter to reset.


The "consecutive days" count refers to your current string of consecutive days visited, including today. So, since today is 13 June, and you did not visit yesterday (12 June), you only have one "consecutive day".

I believe, but am not certain, that days are considered on the basis of UTC 0000 to UTC 0000 - that is, if you are in (say) NYC, visiting at 1600 (4PM) today counts as a different day from visitng at 2200 (10PM) today - but visiting at 2200 today and visiting again at 1700 tomorrow counts as the same day.

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