I'm considering buying a model of Dell computer that is so new that there are no reviews of it yet. So I want to ask if anyone has seen it and had any experience using it before I buy it.

I also need to ask for advice about whether I should accept a computer with a 5400 RPM drive or should go for one with 7200 RPM drive.

Where is the right place to post these questions and get some good answers?


Among all the Stack Exchange sites, Hardware Recommendations Stack Exchange is the one that closely matches with the site that you are looking for.

Make sure to go through the help topic, What topics can I ask about here? before posting the question. This will help you in framing a query which is on-topic for the site.


On the whole - if you're asking about whether a higher RPM drive is better, or what the benefits are for a use case, Super User might work.

You don't want to focus on the models - you probably want to talk about your use case (laptop or desktop) and ask about the advantages (power use? Performance?) and disadvantages of either rotational speed.

That said, you're best off doing a few quick searches on Super User first- Searching for 5400rpm yielded a few interesting existing posts for example, and this is something that's probably reasonably commonly asked. Your answer is probably already there.

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