On the question feed popup (you can find the link on every non closed question on the right side panel) there is a hand cursor over description text:


But clicking on the text does nothing. Seems that cursor should be an ordinary arrow.

  • Appears to be fixed? (or no repro with Chrome latest version?) – ShaWiz 2 days ago
  • @ShaWiz looks fixed from my latest FF on Win. – αλεχολυτ 2 days ago
  • @Adam thanks for the fix (assuming it's you :)), can you please edit the tags? – ShaWiz 2 days ago
  • @ShaWiz I didn't do anything, but sure :) – Adam Lear 2 days ago
  • 1
    @AdamLear then [status-auto-completed]? – αλεχολυτ 2 days ago

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