I've just earned the privilege to view this data and I noticed that the list of referring sites was surprising:

enter image description here

The first referring site is evillegast.github.io, but that site does not exist.

Nevertheless I found a github account (https://github.com/evillegast/) which could be the source, but it seems to be an unfinished CV web template, so ...

How reliable are those numbers? I know that they are an approximation 1 but it is hard to believe that hundreds of clicks were done from this page

1 I mean, all these 438, 438*2, 438*3 ... visits are clearly rounded off in some way

  • The privileges page says The numbers are sampled so it's not uncommon to see implausible results such as several search engines at exactly 211 visits. I think it also applies to referrals, since they come in blocks which sounds suspicious. Commented Jun 20, 2019 at 16:18


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