I'm looking to subscribe to a few tags I'm interested in, but I don't know which sites in the network may use them.

I can go to http://stackexchange.com and use the Favourite tags filter, and see my tags across all sites.

Favourite Tags view

I can also add a custom filter which will indeed allow me to select tags across sites but without telling me which sites they belong to.

Custom filter view

Wouldn't it be nice, a searchable "tags" view in the main StackExchange site?

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    Strongly related, possible dupe: Searching the tags of all Stack Exchange sites before asking a question, to find out where the question belongs - Glorfindel's answer provides a way to search tags network-wide via SEDE – Jenayah Jun 21 at 5:10
  • Yes, thanks a lot for the finding! as my post is specifically requesting the feature, and as I don't think using SEDE is user-friendly enough to browse tags.. I think I'll keep this post open :-). – jjmontes Jun 21 at 21:38
  • It's possible to search for questions in a specific tag on the whole network - for example, here is the tag (google), But if I understand correctely, hits is not what you want - you want to search among tags. (Although if that feature does not exist, this might be useful, too.) – Martin Aug 20 at 18:27

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