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I'm sharing my Thunderbird and Firefox profiles between Windows 10 (as portable app) and Ubuntu 16 (dual boot).

I install all recommended updates.

This worked for quite some time, until the version difference between the Ubuntu respository and the portableapps.com version led to bugs:

  • Ubuntu Firefox can't find or open its password safe and can't store passwords.
  • Same for Ubuntu Thunderbird.
  • Windows Firefox always needs to reinstall some plugins.
  • Windows Thunderbird forgets that the 'Calendar' tab was opened before.

My guess is that these bugs are a result of accessing the same profile with different versions of Thunderbird and Firefox.

Some boilerplate to avoid discussions:

  • I know that Mozilla doesn't support sharing of profiles.
  • I use POP3 for some email accounts. I know this is an outdated method.
  • I don't use Firefox Sync. That's my personal choice.
  • I could wait and periodically check the different repositories and update when both versions are in sync, or manually install specific versions, but I don't.
  • I'm frequently (about once a day) switching between both operating systems.

One of the versions will periodically (at least for some time) have a lower version than the other OS's version.

I'm afraid that with each update I risk permanently damaging my profile (when accessing it with the older version).

How can I share profiles and keep their integrity?

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