I had a comment, but there was no comment button. Assuming I just hadn't joined the site, I thought, I'll put in an answer, which will join me, and then I can delete it and make it a comment.

It joined me to Math Overflow, but it still didn't give a comment option. Assuming it was a bug in the iOS app, I went to my laptop to fix it.

I deleted the answer and pasted the same text into a comment on the question. The reputation points of 115 dropped to 101. But the answer is on the rep list twice, with differing details. The list says I have 100, but it also says I have 101. If I add everything up, it is 100. But there is one downvote that had no effect (according to the list).

It sounds like a bug(?) reported years ago, but I don't think this is "because of the asynchronous loading of the content" when a page refresh ten minutes later gives the same thing.

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    when a post is deleted, rep gained (or lost) from it is returned. – Kevin B Jun 25 at 20:11
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    You always have one default reputation plus all earned. This means that with association bonus (100 rep) you will be at 101 rep. So everything seems fine to me. – GDPR Jun 25 at 20:14
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    But why does it show the -14 twice? That would make the total 86. – WGroleau Jun 25 at 20:32

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