As a moderator, on the flag dashboard (/admin/dashboard), I see a box with links to chat rooms. The box always seems to contain the same two rooms: the Teachers' Lounge and a room called MOBotics. I guess these rooms are selected by some measure of recent activity. I just discovered MOBotics and I see how it could be useful to advertise it (I wasn't aware of it; I should consider myself fortunate that its subject matter hasn't reached the sites that I moderate), but that's not a useful link in the sense that I don't have a reason to visit MOBotics. And there's also a link to the Teachers' Lounge in another box titled “Unsure?” (and besides I know the URL by heart).

What I'd like to have on this page is a link to this site's moderator room, if any. I don't know how you could identify which room is the mod room: most sites' mod rooms are low-activity (which is why I never remember their URLs). But it would be nice to find a way, because that's the one page that I often want to reach from the flag dashboard and I have no better way than the generic “chat” link, usually clicking “show frozen/deleted rooms” and typing something like “moderator” in the search box.

Please identify the site's mod chat room (if there is one) and link to it on the flag dashboard.

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    Simply having a way to search only the mod-private rooms for the site would help, similar to the way you can filter out the frozen or deleted ones. Mod rooms are often frozen but active, of course. – tchrist Jun 28 '19 at 0:51

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