Currently, when a user with less than the required reputation needed to cast a vote on a post attempts to do so, they are shown this message:

Thanks for the feedback! Votes cast by users with less than [x] reputation are recorded, but do not change the publicly displayed score.

While it is technically correct in that their attempted vote is recorded as feedback, it's rather confusing. It implies that the vote is still recorded as...a vote, not as feedback. This can mislead users into thinking that their old votes will be counted once they reach the required reputation (also see its duplicates here as well as on per-site metas), or that such "votes" may still change the author's reputation (i.e. still a normal vote with the sole exception that it doesn't change the score).

Can we please change this message so that it no longer implies that an actual vote is recorded?


Thanks for the feedback! You need at least [x] reputation to [up/down]vote this post.


Thanks for the feedback! You need at least [x] reputation to cast a vote, but your feedback has been recorded.

In my opinion, the "Thanks for the feedback!" text implies to me that the feedback has been submitted and recorded; there's no need to point that out explicitly.

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