I found out today that if you have a user’s name with an “@“ in a comment on that user’s post, it removes it. For example,

@PostOwner Your post is very nice.


Your post is very nice.

However, this works badly with punctuation. I posted a comment:

@Voldemort’sWrath this is a test.

at the beginning on a post by that user, and it looked like this:

’sWrath this is a test.

With users whose names contain apostrophes (and likely other punctuation), the automatic removal of their usernames from comments doesn’t work right.

This bug does not occur with usernames with spaces.

  • Out of curiosity, does this still happen if the username contains a straight apostrophe ' instead of a smart one ? – Sonic the Reinstate Monica-hog Jul 1 at 1:15
  • It turns out that this is because I typed a smart quote, not a dumb quote. – Stormblessed Jul 1 at 2:11
  • @Glorfindel Just FYI, I did flag this asking for a status-bydesign tag to be added; the mod/CM handling the flag opted to close this instead of adding the tag. – Sonic the Reinstate Monica-hog Jul 1 at 12:17
  • Oh, [bug] + [status-bydesign] would've worked for me as well. But I can't add that tag :) – Glorfindel Jul 1 at 12:18

This is actually not a problem.

It turns out that the user’s name has a dumb quote ', not a smart quote , but my phone typed a smart quote when I wrote the comment. Writing

@Voldemort'sWrath with a dumb quote.

displays perfectly, as

with a dumb quote.

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