Today, I posted a comment linking to the Help Center article What is "meta"? How does it work? on Ask Different. I noticed that the Meta site was called 'Meta Ask Different', which is wrong; it's 'Ask Different Meta':

enter image description here

(The title of your browser tab will also show the real site name.)

It seems that that Help Center template starts with

Meta [SITE NAME] is the part of the site

which only produces the right name for the trilogy: Stack Overflow, Super User and Server Fault (and arguably, Stack Exchange). It's wrong on all other 170+ sites in the network: nobody uses the term "Meta Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange". I'm wondering if it would be possible to rewrite the template so that it starts with

[META SITE NAME] is the part of the site

That variable should be available 'somewhere' in the code; the Stack Exchange API returns related sites with the word Meta in the right location (but, if applicable, suffixed with 'Stack Exchange'), e.g. 'Electrical Engineering Meta Stack Exchange'.

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