I am moderating a site overflown by off-topic questions sent to us by the wizard.

80% of the questions can be recognized as totally off-topic by just looking at the questions list.

Problem: I still need 4 clicks to close each one, which takes time, especially on a slow connection.

Question: Is there a sort a browser add-on or Greasemonkey script that would allow me to close as off-topic in one click? Is there is none, I am tempted to write one, but I would like to check before.

enter image description here

Of course, such a tool should be used very responsibly, and on the slightest doubt the question should be opened and read in details.

Please note that this is intended as a stop-gap measure, and I don't intend to use it after the wizard gets fixed (but zero acknowledgement of the problem by SE staff so far, so it might take time).


It's not doing entirely what you want, but I've written a script 'Saviour' of Lost Souls, originally made for blatantly off-topic questions here on Meta Stack Exchange, posted users who didn't have a clue what Meta was about. It leaves a welcoming comment as well, and if you have enough reputation, it even votes to delete. (As a ♦ moderator, such a vote would immediately delete the question.)

Later we recognized the script would be useful on other sites too, and it leaves a comment customized for Software Recommendations (you might have seen some of those already).

Hi [AUTHOR], welcome to Software Recommendations! This question does not appear to be about software recommendations, within the scope defined on meta and in the help center. If you think you can edit it to become on-topic, please have a look at the question quality guidelines.

This script works on the question detail page, not on the list, because that's rather dangerous (even though you could undelete and reopen the question if you made a mistake). Also, it's two clicks: you get a popup asking to confirm your action. I can try to modify it to work on the list pages as well.

You can install it from this direct link.

  • Interesting! It is 1 click less than the standard method. I could probably be modified for faster operation. Jul 5 '19 at 7:36
  • Two clicks less, I guess (vs. close link -> off-topic -> off-topic reason -> Vote to Close button)? Deleting the question would cost you another two clicks, and commenting even more.
    – Glorfindel Mod
    Jul 5 '19 at 7:39
  • 1
    Thanks a lot, @Glorfindel – I'll give that a look this weekend (pointer: I'm another mod from SR). And thanks also for your help directly on our site, saw a lot of your "OT comments" and wish you soon reach the rep required to directly close-vote!
    – Izzy
    Jul 5 '19 at 8:00
  • 1
    Boom-chak, boom-chak, boom-chak… Yeah, works great, thanks once more! Next step would be to wed it with AutoReviewComments LOL … OK, going to make more boom-chak #D
    – Izzy
    Jul 5 '19 at 20:04

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