There is an issue with a URL, in one of the Data Explorer tutorial pages.

In the Tutorial -> Next Steps page, I can see the following description

You can find some interesting queries in this list on one of our sites. For tons of interesting queries and starting points for your own work, see ...

In the description, the link is pointing to


but actually, it should be


As per the Network-wide HTTPS: It's time post, the meta URL change was done:

Update 2017-03-16

We've redirected all child meta traffic from meta.*.stackexchange.com to *.meta.stackexchange.com, and are now forcing HTTPS.

But the change was not applied on this tutorial page. Can this be corrected?

In Google Chrome browser, after clicking on the URL, I'm receiving the following error page:

Error page

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I've created a pull request to fix that specific link.

Allow for 6 to 8 weeks before Nick does a pull/merge and re-deploy.


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