Is there a way to pull a list of custom "Other..." close reasons that users have typed from SEDE, preferably including deleting posts?

I'm looking to propose a new close reason on Hardware Recommendations but can't seem to find the data I'm looking for in the data explorer that I need to properly build my case. I don't think what I'm seeing is anecdotal, but I want to be sure.

If it's not available in SEDE, I'll just post a question for the CMs, but I figured I'd try to help myself first.


That data is not in SEDE as such. The Other option is a sub-reason under off-topic. SEDE doesn't have the sub-close reasons, let alone the custom reason that users can offer there.

Try the 10K tools close stats page:

enter image description here

Near the bottom you'll find the creative texts some close voters come up with.

Based on the idea from Glorfindel you could query for the comments on questions that were closed and not deleted:

;with reasons as (
select distinct p.id,
from posts p
inner join posthistory ph on ph.postid = p.id
inner join comments c on c.postid = p.id
where ph.posthistorytypeid = 10 -- close
and ph.comment in ('2', '102') -- off-topic
and (c.text like 'I''m voting to close this question as off-topic%'
-- or c.text like 'I''m closing this question%'

select text
    , count(*) [time used]
from reasons
group by text
order by count(*) desc

That gives 27 cases in Hardware Recommendations:

list with common custom close reasons

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As @rene says, this is in the 10k tools, but only for the last 90 days:


If you need a longer period, you could write a SEDE query selecting comments, since almost all of them will start with

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic

This doesn't work for deleted posts, though.

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