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Some of those strings I couldn't find in the transifex at all. Some of them I found, but looks like on this page they are are not used. Could you add these strings into transifex or use existing strings?

Approximate list:

  1. With great power comes great responsibility. Use sparingly and only in consultation with the community.
  2. Manage Off-Topic Close Reasons
  3. Default Off-Topic Close Reason
  4. Shown when no 2 off-topic reasons match on a closed question.
  5. edit
  6. cancel
  7. Save Edits
  8. show deactivated
  9. hide deactivated
  10. reactivate
  11. deactivate
  12. Custom Off-Topic Close Reasons
  13. active
  14. Deactivated Custom Off-Topic Close Reasons
  15. Add Custom Reason

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