Occasionally, I see users get suspended, or even if I am suspended, the helpful flags and votes cast are hidden. This is due to suspension causing reputation to be locked at 1. It just says 1/15 unlock flags and 1/15 unlock voting. I still want to know my flagging status even if I am suspended or have low rep. Low-rep users can flag their own posts and comments on their own posts without 15 reputation. Even though I will not be that low rep on any other sites because of the association bonus, I was really annoyed when I could not see my flagging history if my reputation drops below 15.

I also might want to see how many helpful flags or votes were cast from a suspended user.

Can you please provide us links to see our flagging history page and our helpful flags even if our reputation is below 15?

Yes, someone did mention a workaround, I propose the ability to easily see our flagging history page if our rep drops below 15, without any workarounds.

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    There is a workaround for the flag history: going to /users/flag-summary/current will allow you to access the page, even though the link is removed. Also, the "votes cast" link just goes to the "votes" tab in your user profile, which you can still access the "normal" way. – Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog Jul 15 at 0:52

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