Excluding the Stack Overflow Jobs section on the Stack Overflow website, the main page of the Help Center appears to be identical on all of the non-meta sites I frequent on the Stack Exchange network. Thus, I am wondering if the content of the Help Center is identical on the different sites. If not, what is unique?

Edit: I know the Help Center content is different on the Stack Overflow localized sites.


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I am aware of only two places that moderators can customize their Help Centers routinely.

I'll use the GIS Help Center as an example because being one of its moderators allows me to screenshot its edit buttons.

The best known is the On-topic page which bears the title What topics can I ask about here? The title is the only thing that we cannot change on this page. If I scroll to its bottom there is an edit button that lets me and the other GIS moderators edit its content. We do not do that without consulting the GIS Meta community first to ensure there is consensus for what we intend to do. My recollection is that when we change the content a second moderator has to approve it. A history of those changes is kept.

enter image description here

The other place we can edit, which I only noticed very recently, and we have not edited it yet, is on the front page of the Help Center:

enter image description here

Anything you see above Find out more about... has been edited in by a site's moderators.


Some articles are only applicable to specific sites and have been 'manually' added by the Community Managers:

Also, the order of the articles on the homepage can differ from site to site. Especially the first three pinned articles under "Asking"; compare Meta Stack Exchange (left) with Astronomy Stack Exchange (right):

MSE Help Center Astronomy.SE Help Center


Moderators could edit https://ru.stackoverflow.com/help page.

Our /help page is kinda uniq and has link to video about SOru:

enter image description here

About help center pages. Moderators could edit some of them (if CM gives us right to edit; AFAIK he can grant permissions for edit only for 3-5 articles simultaneously).

Before editing we usually make collective translation on meta, e.g. article about declined flags: Перевод статьи из справки «What are declined flags, and what should I do about them?»

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